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Bathrooms & Showers in Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell & Towcester

So you've been considering a brand new bathroom or walk-in shower across Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell and Towcester? Well, there's no need to look any further for highly qualified engineer to carry out your bathroom and walk-in shower projects! We have over 30 Years of experience in the industry and are just a call away. To reach us, simply call us on, 07931 765979; alternatively, there's other ways of getting in touch at the bottom of the page.

Bathrooms & Showers in Milton Keynes

Every homeowner has an idea of how they would like their bathroom to look if they could tear it out and start again! Here at K&J Plumbing Ltd, we bring those ideas to life with our bathrooms and showers services. 

We can help with removing your current (possibly less efficient and outdated) bathroom and assist with the design of your brand new bathroom; all the way through to the installation phase of the project. We can also install the various plumbing features of your bathroom including sinks, taps and toilets. However, if you know what you're looking for and that isn't a bathroom at all, but rather a walk-in shower, then we can also help. 

So, if you're looking for someone to carry out your entire bathroom and/or walk-in shower project from start to finish, then we're ready when you are. No projects is too big or too small and we pride ourselves on always cleaning up, charging a fair rate and providing great services as a local, family run business. 

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Now that you know exactly what we do and how we can help, its time to get in touch! You can contact us by using the contact form on our website to send us a message which we will get back to shortly. We're also able to receive emails via our email address at, Finally, if you'd much prefer to get in touch as soon as possible, its best to just give us a call on, 07931 765979. Want to see our work or what our customers have said? Check out our gallery page and reviews page on the website.

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